The NFL’s Fastest Players in Each Position by Combine 40-Yard Dash Time

A flashy 40-yard dash time tends to get all the headlines around NFL Combine time, and in some cases, improved draft stock for the players with record times.

And while there is a pretty strong argument to be made that 40 times are rarely indicative of long-term successful NFL performance, we thought it would be interesting to see what a team would look like based on the fastest 40-yard dash times in each position.
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The 2017-18 All-Penalties Team – Top Penalized NFL Players by Position

Below you will find the top penalized player by each position for both offense and defense over the 2017-18 NFL season. Of course two CBs top the list, a position where essentially two or three big pass interference calls can juice the numbers. But then there are guys like Germain Ifedi of the infamous Seattle Seahawks offensive line, who put up 120 yards of penalties with almost entirely just false starts and holds (not that we’re bitter or anything).

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82% of Fans Want the NFL to Allow Marijuana Use for Active Players

We recently polled 1,355 self-described NFL fans from around the United States for their opinions on current players using marijuana. Below you will find the results from this survey, which asked the following questions:

Do you think the NFL should allow current players to use marijuana? 
Yes 66%
No 25%
Not sure 9%

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REPORT: 2018 MLB Fan Optimism Scores

Below you will find our annual SportFacts Optimism Score for the 2018 MLB season. Each year, we give teams a preseason optimism score based on how excited people are about their team’s prospects. You can review the 2017 MLB preseason scores here for a fun look back at last year.

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2017-18 NFL Season Saw an Average of Almost 10 Fewer Minutes of Commercials Per Game

It has been one of the most common complaints among NFL viewers for the past several seasons: There are too many commercial breaks.

But despite analysis showing that over the past few years, the number of commercials per game has stayed fairly flat, the perception has become that the number of ads has gone up. Our hunch leads us to believe that the way people are consuming content has changed drastically over the past five years, turning this into more of a perception issue. When it’s possible to watch our favorite shows on Netflix ad-free, to tune into an NFL game on a normal television broadcast makes it seem like it’s nothing but commercials these days.

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REPORT: NFL Popularity Down Considerably Among Casual Fans, Remains Strong Among Hardcore Fans

41% of casual fans say they are watching fewer NFL games this year

It has been an interesting year for the NFL. The sports league has seen one of the strongest bull markets of the past decade, with television ratings, attendance, and thus advertising revenue all skyrocketing in that time.

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What are the best stadium experiences in the NFL? Here are the Top and Bottom Five as Voted By Fans

In Seattle, we’re pretty biased, Century Link Field, aka “The Clink,” is pretty spectacular, especially for evening games, with the sun going down over the Puget Sound, the lights of the stadium radiating south of downtown, with skyscrapers a stone’s throw away.

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POLL: 41% of NFL Fans Don’t Know What City The Chargers Play In

The SportFacts office is located in Seattle, so we know firsthand the pain and turmoil of losing a team, a few of us here still struggle watching NBA games, and a large percentage of us were all for Durant leaving if it meant turmoil for the Thunder. Is it way past time to be getting over it? Probably. But we’re not.

With that in mind, we’re sympathetic with San Diego, who, due to one of the least popular owners in the NFL doing terrible owner things, had their team ripped away and plopped in a seemingly uninterested city. But we found a statistic this weekend that might make those in San Diego laugh just a bit.

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REPORT: NFL Opening Weekend Saw a Decrease of Approximately 10 Minutes of Ads Per Game

 We did in fact see a notable decrease during week one, anywhere between five and 15 minutes fewer commercials in most games

Touchdown – commercial – extra point – commercial – kickoff – commercial.

Last year, we ran the numbers and on average, each NFL game had around 55-65 minutes of commercials. This wasn’t an increase from previous years, but the perception was that there were far more ads, a problem for the NFL. We reported that the reasons for this perception are likely twofold:

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POLL: Here are the three commercials NFL fans voted the “most annoying” during opening weekend

You don’t owwwwwn me” took the top spot on the podium last year, voted by fans as by far the most annoying commercial played throughout the NFL season. Congratulations Toyota!

We wanted to get a feel for what fans thought of the opening weekend advertisements thus far. And while it will probably take a few weeks to really let the hate soak in, there are some pretty clear front runners after the opening weekend’s games were played.

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