The NFL Network is owned by the National Football League which is also part of NFL Media, NFL Now, NFL Mobile, and NFL RedZone. The channel is dedicated to football which includes live games, specials, documentaries and analysis programs. Headquartered in Los Angeles, it broadcasts internationally as well. While the NFL Network used to air college football, today it does not, except for the Senior Bowl which is on the network owing to the NFL’s ties with the game.

Channel Sports Games Streamed Monthly Cost Free Trial HD Stream Cable Required iOS App Android App
watch-nfl-network-online-300x64  NFL Games Free with Hulu/Sling Yes, with Hulu/Sling Yes Yes, except with Sling Yes Yes
hulu-live-stream-300x222 No NFL Network yet! $44.99 (Best Deal) Try Hulu Live Now Yes No Yes Yes
sling_television-300x150 NFL Network is on Sling $25 Try Sling Now Yes No Yes Yes
fubo-live-sports NFL Network is on Fubo! $44.95 Try Fubo Now Yes No Yes Yes
VPN-Live-Stream-300x67 Use a VPN to Watch NFL Network $2 /month Try a VPN for $4 Yes No Yes Yes
ATTTVNOW N/A $50+ Try AT&T TV Now Yes No Yes Yes

Watch the NFL Network Without Cable

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Streaming the NFL Network with the Official App

The official NFL app is meant for people who are already subscribers to the channel. The app live streams all the games on iOS and Android-based mobile devices. Alternatively, the NFL Network also allows subscribers to stream via their web browser by logging into the website.

The NFL Network also has an option called Game Pass, which costs $199.99 a season. The Game Pass gives subscribers access to 256 regular seasons and 65 preseason games which are streamed to most smart devices. This service does not require you to be a subscriber to the channel.

Which Sports Events are Streamed on by the NFL Network?

The NFL Network streams all preseason and season games. A complete list of games can be found on the NFL’s website.