Fox or Fox Broadcasting Company as its officially called, is owned by Fox Entertainment Group. Fox is recognized as the third largest broadcasting network internationally and locally in terms of assets, coverage, and revenues. The network was launched in 1986 in a bid to compete with the then big three i.e. NBC, ABC and CBS. Starting in 1994, it broadcast the NFL season which essentially stripped CBS of the long-running contract. Earning the rights to the NFL helped the network win other sports contracts like that of the NHL, MLB, NASCAR, and as of late the UFC. Today, the channel broadcasts an array of entertainment and sports events.

Channel Sports Games Streamed Cost Free Trial HD Stream Cable Required iOS App Android App
Watch-Fox-online-1-300x158 MLB, FIFA, NFL, UFC, College Antenna Yes Yes, except with Sling/DTVN Yes Yes Yes
sling_television-300x150 Fox Sports Streaming Live! $20 Watch 7 Days Free Yes No Yes Yes
DTV-Now-300x127 Fox Sports Streaming Live! $35 Watch 7 Days Free Yes No Yes Yes

Watch Fox Without Cable

Fox has and continues to be a channel that’s available via every cable service provider in the US. However, most people find regular cable to be incompatible with their often nomadic and hectic lifestyles. That’s where streaming services like Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW come in. Both services stream Fox, in addition to dozens of other channels via their apps for iOS and Android devices amongst many others. Another benefit of streaming services is that they don’t require a long-term commitment and users can just unsubscribe at any time.

Sling TV subscriptions start at $20 a month with DIRECTV NOW starting at $35. Subscribers to DIRECTV NOW are not charged for the data consumed while streaming. You can try out both services via the links below:

Sling (7 Days Free) DIRECTV NOW (7 Days Free)

Streaming Fox with the Official App

The Fox app is available for a number of devices including Android and iOS. The app allows subscribers to the network mainly via their cable service providers to log-in using their subscriber credentials to stream the channel and selected programs. That said the app does have its limitations and cannot be used outside your home state. Alternatively, pay-tv subscribers can also use the service’s own streaming app (if they have one) to stream on the go.

Which Sports Events are Streamed on Fox?

Fox streams a few sports events like the Super Bowl, UFC, MLB, NASCAR, and NHL. Much of the sports broadcast on Fox is also made available on Fox Sports.