Networks & Services Streaming NFL Preseason Games

One of the most complicated broadcast schedules in sports comes during the NFL’s preseason. 32 teams play almost seven days a week with ever changing channel swaps and locally restricted broadcasts. Check out the NFL’s official schedule for times and stations. We’re here to make sure you can stream that game in the end so let’s get to the various options for watching the NFL preseason online, live and free.

# of NFL Games Monthly Cost Free Trial HD Stream Cable Required iOS App Android App
sling_television-300x150 ALL NFL Preseason Games Live! $20 Watch 7 Days Free Yes No Yes Yes
ESPN-Streaming-NFL-300x74 Monday Night Football No Standalone App Option Yes, with Sling/DTVN Yes Yes Yes Yes
DTV-Now-300x127 ALL NFL Preseason  Games Live! $35 Watch 7 Days Free Yes No Yes Yes
NBC-NFL-Games-Online-300x176 Local Games,
Sunday Night Football
Yes, with Sling/DTVN Yes Antenna Yes Yes
CBS-Streaming-NFL-Watch-300x83 Local Games,
Thursday Night Football
$10 Ad-Free
Watch 30 Days Free Yes Antenna Yes Yes
NFL-on-Fox-Stream-300x130 Local Games, Superbowl Free,
Yes, with Sling/DTVN Yes Antenna Yes Yes
fubo-live-sports-300x162 ALL Yankees Games Live! $35 Watch 7 Days Free  Yes No Yes Yes

Watch NFL Preseason Games Without Cable

There are two main options for watching NFL Preseason games without cable. With cable, you’ll probably have an easier time since you’ve got most of the channels at your fingertips but it’ll cost you! Luckily there are several new services that offer something similar to cable but streaming-only and without the high price tag. Sling and DIRECTV NOW both offer packages of channels that include NFL Redzone, NFL Network and all of your local stations. Check out their seven day free trials below and you’ll be set for streaming NFL Preseason games from anywhere in the world, on the device of your choosing.

Sling (7 Days Free) DIRECTV NOW (7 Days Free)

Avoid Illegal Live Streaming of NFL Preseason Games

It may be tempting to try and “steal” NFL preseason games by streaming them with illegal live streams. But don’t do it! It’s not worth the viruses you’ll probably get on your mom’s computer and you’re also depriving your favorite NFL teams and players of the revenue they’re entitled to. With so many options for streaming the NFL preseason online these days you really don’t have any excuses so scroll up, choose an option above and you’ll be good to go.

Have another way to watch the NFL preseason online? Contact us and we’ll add it.