Stadiums & Arenas Open to Fans Around the World, Some Risks Remain

Many sectors of the economy have been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic but sports, in particular are getting hit hard. In almost every city in the world, large gatherings have been cancelled or very limited for the past 14 months. Youth sports that once provided purpose, school-pride and a feeling of belonging for young athletes were put on hold. The sporting world continued to march on as best it could with bubbles, stringent protocols and shortened seasons–but the losses have been staggering. But what about the fans themselves? And the overall health of the larger sports economy? Sports just aren’t the same for the players, fans or season ticket holders when there isn’t a live audience cheering their team on.

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With Recreational Sports Still Paused for Many, Some Turn to Digital Competition

While many people have adapted to group sports during the pandemic through social distancing and mask wearing, others who have felt less comfortable doing so have found a new way to compete through the digitalization of sports.

We wanted to get a sense for how this trend came about, and if it will affect people’s workout habits in the future.

The short answer to the question above is that most people are somewhere between somewhat and very excited to get back to a pre-pandemic workout routine, but that many have found their replacement workouts, especially with online community involvement, have been passable at least.

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Multiple Pro Sports Leagues Begin their 2020 Pandemic Season — Fans Will Be Watching Online

America and fans around the world are craving an event. Something to rally around, cheer for, follow and just relax with. Summer months are usually dotted with memories of baseball being on in the background. The soft cracks of the bat and roar of the crowd around. But that’s been taken from us this year and each of the American and Canadian professional sports leagues will need an  asterisk by their 2020 seasons that reads: “*Pandemic”.

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How To Watch NFL Games Online For The 2019 Season

It’s 2019, and we were promised jetpacks and flying cars (and honestly, we thought it’d be easier to stream NFL games online by now).

Still, despite the above joke, it’s now easier than ever to watch your favorite NFL team online through a few legal services, preventing the need for clunky illegal streams with ad overlays and virus threats.

So how does one go about legally watching the 2019 NFL season online without cable? Below, we’ll break down our favorite and most popular ways to do so.

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Sports-Heavy Streaming Service, FuboTV to Offer Free Tier with Advertisements

The streaming television landscape is changing rapidly and irreversibly. Streaming services such as FuboTV and Sling led the way with cheap access to streaming live sports events. But the larger media companies such as Disney, NBC-Comcast and CBS have since entered the streaming arena as well (and reclaimed the content that was always theirs), causing yet more changes to the way we access television in America.

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Report: The 2018-19 NFL All-Penalty Team – The Most Penalty Yards Given Up By Players in Each Position

Every year we like to take a look at what player in each position netted the most penalty yards. It’s a fun analysis into what players are causing the most headaches for their coordinators.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the most penalized player in each position, and a list of our 2018-19 NFL Season All-Penalty Team. Almost as good as being picked for the Pro Bowl, in our humble opinions.

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Report: The Most Injury-Prone NFL Teams of the Last Four Seasons

While a large percentage of NFL success can be attributed to good coaching, game planning, and execution, there’s no denying that there is an element of luck involved in most successful seasons.

Sometimes things like a bad flag shifting a game’s dynamic, a single player making a boneheaded play can end a team’s Super Bowl hopes. But worst of all, a season-ending injury to a key player can completely destroy championship opportunities.

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2018 Guide to Streaming NBA Games Online Without Cable

It’s 2018 and it has never been easier to watch your NBA team’s games online.

Think back several years ago, and outside of some sketchy piracy sites, it was nearly impossible to find a simple and legal way to stream NBA games. But fortunately for the fans, there are now several easy ways to watch your favorite team’s games without cable.

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NFL Red Zone Subscribers Are 5x More Likely to Win Their Fantasy Football Leagues Than Non-Subscribers

It makes sense that those of us who watch the most football would most likely be the best at fantasy football leagues. Watching which players are finding the end zone or are featured in the biggest plays on a consistent basis seems like a good way to pick winning rosters.

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Report: The ‘Pardon My Take’ Effect on Joe Buck’s Favorability

 “I hate you for making me like Joe Buck.” – Pardon My Take listener

Like most sports fans, the first time Joe Buck called one of our favorite team’s games, we were a little underwhelmed by his excitement levels during big plays. It turns out we weren’t alone. If one turns to the depths of social media during a Joe Buck prime time sporting event, there are plenty of internet wordsmiths creating beautiful insults about the FOX announcer, some justified, some not.

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