The Pac Network is also referred to as the Pac-12 Network or abbreviated as P12N. It is a cable television network mainly owned and run by the Pac-12 Conference. The studio and production facilities are located in San Francisco, California. The Pac-12 Network was launched in 2012 and was available to over 48 million households in the US. It is the first channel to be owned entirely by a conference without external support. The network mainly covers Pac-12 sanctioned sports which also includes the Olympics as well as men’s basketball, football, etc. Pac 12 Network partners with In Demand as well as Comcast Media Center providing video on demand, technical support and TV Everywhere. Mobile production facilities are also provided to the 12 schools part of the conference.

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Cable Alternatives: Watch College Football Online Without Cable

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Streaming The Pac 12 Network app Online

The Pac 12 Network app is available for iOS and Android operating systems only. While the app offers a number of different features like scores and the latest news, live streaming requires users to enter in their subscriber credentials. In other words, non-subscribers cannot live stream games using the app.

Sports Streamed on the Pac 12 Network

The Pac 12 Network broadcasts many national sports like football, men’s basketball, etc. However, the network mainly focuses on universities part of the  Pac 12. The sports played by teams of Arizona State University, Stanford University, Berkeley, University of Arizona, University of Southern California, University of California, University of Colorado, University of Utah, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Washington State University and the University of Washington are aired live along with highlights and commentary.