by Rob Toledo Rob Toledo

It makes sense that those of us who watch the most football would most likely be the best at fantasy football leagues. Watching which players are finding the end zone or are featured in the biggest plays on a consistent basis seems like a good way to pick winning rosters.

But then again there are plenty of examples of people who barely pay any attention during the season and yet somehow pull out a win with three kickers on their bench and one of their starters on IR because a random WR2 on their team had an insanely good game. Not that we’re bitter or anything.

Now there is data to backup this hunch.

A new report by Sling TV has found that Red Zone subscribers are 36% likely to win their fantasy football leagues, with non-Red Zone subscribers closer to 7% likely to win.


On top of that, Sling TV also found that NFL RedZone subscribers who play fantasy football finished within the top three of their respective leagues 68% of the time. With most leagues being between 10 and 12 members on average, this percentage reflects a higher-than-usual rate of playoff appearance.


Sling TV conducted a survey of RedZone subscribers versus non-subscribers, polling those who play fantasy football, and comparing the success of the two audiences.