Networks & Services Streaming Steelers Games This Year

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a well known team with a winning history.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are a part of the AFC North division of the NFL, along with the Bengals, Ravens, and Browns.  There are many NFL live streaming options but here are the best ones we’ve found:

# of NFL Games Monthly Cost Free Trial HD Stream Cable Required iOS App Android App
hulu-live-stream-300x222 Most Steelers Games on Hulu! $44.99 (Best Deal) Try Hulu Live Now Yes No Yes Yes
sling_television-300x150 ALL Steelers Games Live! $25 Try Sling Now Yes No Yes Yes
fubo-live-sports ALL Steelers Games Live! $44.95 Try Fubo Now Yes No Yes Yes
VPN-Live-Stream-300x67 Use a VPN to Watch Steelers Games $2 /month Try a VPN for $4 Yes No Yes Yes
ESPN-Streaming-NFL-300x74 Monday Night Football No Standalone App Option Yes, with Hulu/Sling Yes Yes Yes Yes
ATTTVNOW ALL Steelers Games Live! $50+ Try AT&T TV Now Yes No Yes Yes
NBC-NFL-Games-Online-300x176 Local Games,
Sunday Night Football
Yes, with Hulu/Sling Yes Antenna Yes Yes
CBS-Streaming-NFL-Watch-300x83 Local Games,
Thursday Night Football
$10 Ad-Free
Try Paramount+ Now Yes Antenna Yes Yes
NFL-on-Fox-Stream-300x130 Local Games, Superbowl Free,
Yes, with Hulu/Sling Yes Antenna Yes Yes
redzone-logo-streaming-300x67 ALL Normal Steelers Games Live! $5 with Sling Add-on Yes, with Hulu/Sling Yes Not with Hulu/Sling No No
Watch-NFL-Network-Streaming-1-300x118 Thursday Night Football, RedZone No Standalone App Option Yes, with Hulu/Sling Yes Yes No No
streaming-amazon-300x86 Thursday Night Football 99$/Year Watch 30 Days Free Yes No Yes Yes

Watch Steelers Games Live This Season with a VPN

If you’re concerned about privacy and computer security these days you may want to consider streaming NFL games via VPN. They’re not expensive (3 bucks a month) and help protect you and your devices from tracking software.

Try a VPN for $4

How to Watch the Pittsburgh Steelers on Local Television

Want to catch the Pittsburgh Steelers on local television?  That is an option for sure, and a lot of fans do just that.  The local networks have competed for the chance to host the Steelers on their network, as this is arguably one of the best teams in the entire NFL.  The Steelers at this time appear on KDKA-TV, channel 2, which is a CBS owned-and-operated television station located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The station is owned by CBS Television, so it offers great coverage of the Steelers. 

Use an Alternative to Cable to Watch Steelers Games Online

Here are a few other services that will basically allow you to legit watch every Steelers game online:

Sling (7 Days Free) Fubo (7 Days Free) HULU Live AT&T TV NOW (7 Days Free)
 Try Sling TV Try Fubo Try Hulu Live Try AT&T TV

Use Official Channel Streaming Apps that Stream Steelers Games

WantSeveral networks such as ESPN, CBS, NBC and FOX have their own apps, and you can watch the Steelers there too. Most of the time the Steelers will stream live on CBS (see above) but if they’re in a special nightly game look to these apps.