# of Flames Games Monthly Cost Free Trial HD Stream Cable Required iOS App Android App
sling_television-300x150 ALL Flames Games Live! $20 Watch 7 Days Free Yes No Yes Yes
NBCSN_Logo-300x60 Two Regular Season Games a Week No Standalone App Yes, with Sling/DTVN Yes Yes, except with Sling/DTVN Yes Yes
DTV-Now-300x127 ALL Flames  Games Live! $35 Watch 7 Days Free Yes No Yes Yes
nbc-universal-old-logo-300x150 Wednesday Night Games Free,
Yes, with Sling/DTVN Yes No Yes Yes
cnbc_logo-300x158 Various Premium Flames Games No Standalone App Yes, with Sling/DTVN  Yes Yes, except with Sling/DTVN  Yes Yes
NBC_2014_Ident.svg_ Various Games, Stanley Cup Playoffs No Standalone App Yes, with Sling/DTVN Yes Yes, except with Sling/DTVN No  No
usa-network-logo-300x168 Various Featured Flames Games No Standalone App Yes, with Sling/DTVN Yes Yes, except with Sling/DTVN  Yes Yes
updatenhln-300x217 Various Showcase Games No Standalone App Yes, with DIRECTV NOW  Yes Yes, except with Sling/DTVN  No  No

The Calgary Flames are a professional Canadian hockey team based in Alberta. This team has been accepted in the heart of hockey country and for more than 30 years has been a mainstay in the NHL. Originally called the Atlanta Flames, in 1980, a group of Calgary entrepreneurs announced the relocation of the franchise to Alberta. The team has two Smythe Division championships, two Presidents’ trophies and two attempts at winning the Stanley Cup Final. They are part of the Pacific Division alongside the Arizona Coyotes, the Anaheim Ducks, the Edmonton Oilers, and the Los Angeles Kings. Watch the Calgary Flames online and show your team spirit.

Local and Cable Streaming of Calgary Flames Games has a Flames TV section to watch clips of past games, though TV listings and the schedule for streaming Calgary Flames games are accessible on the NHL website, as well as Fox Sports. When hockey season begins, local TV networks such as NBC, ESPN and DirecTV will air games on your locally listed channels. Use an app corresponding with the channel they’re playing to watch sometimes you’ll need to subscribe to cable to get that but there are alternatives (see below).

Online Streaming of the Calgary Flames Games without Cable

If you are one of the millions of sports lovers, you might be having the same issue of struggling to watch your favorite teams on cable. The cost of cable packages has reached paramount prices and consumers are fed up. Where can you stream Calgary Flames games online then? Luckily, there is DirecTV and Sling TV services that stream live TV channels online, or through their mobile-friendly apps. The best part is the monthly cost starts at $20 to $35, which is much lower than your average cable provider.

Sling (7 Days Free) DIRECTV NOW (7 Days Free)

Avoid Illegal Streaming of Flames Games

With the superior benefits of online streaming of Calgary Flames games comes the problem of illegal viewing of the NHL. There are those who turn to the internet for free streaming of NHL games and don’t realize the result of their desire to watch their sport teams. Franchises like the Calgary Flames depend on honest viewings of their games to maintain their position in sports and continue to play for the Cup. Avoid illegal streaming of the Calgary Flames games.