by Rob Toledo Rob Toledo

For some teams, it’s part of the strategy, take a lot of swings, don’t worry too much about striking out, the resulting hits will balance everything out. Others, they just don’t have the power to really take successful cracks at the ball.

We wanted to see what teams average the most strikeouts on offense per game, so we pulled data on the past five seasons (2012-2016) to determine who ended up walking back to the dugout empty-handed the most. Below you will find a breakdown of average strikeouts per team over the last five seasons, and a chart below that shows the five year average of every team as well.

It’s an interesting mix, with the Giants and Royals, who have been very successful the past few years, having very low strikeout averages, which makes sense. But then the Chicago Cubs, having the second worst average, still won the World Series last season.

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Average over the past five years:

Team Average Strikeouts Per Game
Houston Astros 8.89
Chicago Cubs 8.406
San Diego Padres 8.232
Pittsburgh Pirates 8.126
Minnesota Twins 8.046
NY Mets 8.04
Seattle Mariners 7.984
Milwaukee Brewers 7.976
Washington Nationals 7.966
Tampa Bay Rays 7.916
Atlanta Braves 7.904
Baltimore Orioles 7.88
Colorado Rockies 7.792
Arizona Diamondbacks 7.792
Cincinnati Reds 7.784
Chicago White Sox 7.764
Philadelphia Phillies 7.72
Miami Marlins 7.714
Boston Red Sox 7.646
LA Dodgers 7.602
Toronto Blue Jays 7.472
St. Louis Cardinals 7.47
Cleveland Indians 7.406
Oakland Athletics 7.37
NY Yankees 7.352
Detroit Tigers 7.306
Texas Rangers 7.134
LA Angels 7.09
SF Giants 7.014
Kansas City Royals 6.526