by Rob Toledo Rob Toledo

With the NFL draft behind us we thought it would be an appropriate time to run a Fan Optimism Score™ survey to determine what teams’ fans are most excited about the upcoming season, and what fans are already on their proverbial fourth drink before the season has even seen its first kickoff.

In order to determine the Fan Optimism Score, we use the following methodology:

  • We poll NFL fans, asking them for their favorite team, and how optimistic they are about their team’s chances in the 2017 season to make the playoffs.
  • We compare the past several seasons’ records to see what team are trending positively or negatively.
  • We add in Vegas predictions for each team’s record to get a rough estimate of perceived 2017 success.
  • We weigh the number of responses from each fan against their favorite team’s recent record to determine sentiment.
  • Setting this on a scale of 1-50, we create an Optimism Score for each team’s fan base.

Below are the 2017 NFL offseason results:

Team Fan Optimism Score™
New England Patriots 49
Oakland Raiders 46
Dallas Cowboys 44
Atlanta Falcons 42
Seattle Seahawks 40
Pittsburgh Steelers 38
Green Bay Packers 35
Kansas City Chiefs 34
Washington Redskins 32
Carolina Panthers 31
Detroit Lions 30
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 29
Philadelphia Eagles 29
Tennessee Titans 27
Houston Texans 25
Denver Broncos 25
Indianapolis Colts 24
Miami Dolphins 23
Minnesota Vikings 23
New Orleans Saints 21
Cincinnati Bengals 20
Baltimore Ravens 19
New York Giants 17
Arizona Cardinals 15
Jacksonville Jaguars 14
Buffalo Bills 11
San Francisco 49ers 10
Los Angeles Chargers 8
Cleveland Browns 6
Los Angeles Rams 5
Chicago Bears 4
New York Jets 2

About: The Fan Optimism Score™ is a proprietary method created by SportFacts to determine fan sentiment about a team’s performance. For more questions about how this works, get in touch!