by Rob Toledo Rob Toledo

Preseason is over, and the final rosters have been set. With that in mind, there have been a whole stream of prediction articles coming out, but we wanted to hear what each team’s fans were thinking. Over the past week, we took a poll of 1,277 NFL fans to get a feel for how everyone thinks the NFL standings will look at the end of the 2017-18 season for their respective divisions.

Methodology: We asked each respondent for their favorite team in order to rank their division, and then calculated a “bias” score to weight into the averages in order to prevent sandbagging to some extent. We also scrubbed responses for unrealistic records (e.g., selecting 16-0 for their own team, and then 0-16 for their division rivals. As an aside, the NFC East fans were by far the worst group when it came to responding reasonably, certainly no love lost among those teams). In order to keep the records clean, we rounded up and down accordingly.

See the full results below:

AFC East fan-predicted standings

AFC East Wins Losses
New England Patriots 13 3
Miami Dolphins 8 8
Buffalo Bills 4 12
New York Jets 2 14

AFC North fan-predicted standings

AFC North Wins Losses
Pittsburgh Steelers 11 5
Cincinnati Bengals 10 6
Baltimore Ravens 8 8
Cleveland Browns 5 11

AFC South fan-predicted standings

AFC South Wins Losses
Tennessee Titans 10 6
Houston Texans 8 8
Indianapolis Colts 6 10
Jacksonville Jaguars 4 12

AFC West fan-predicted standings

AFC West Wins Losses
Oakland Raiders 11 5
Kansas City Chiefs 10 6
Denver Broncos 9 7
Los Angeles Chargers 7 9

NFC East fan-predicted standings

NFC East Wins Losses
Dallas Cowboys 10 6
Philadelphia Eagles 9 7
New York Giants 8 8
Washington Redskins 7 9

NFC North fan-predicted standings

NFC North Wins Losses
Green Bay Packers 12 4
Detroit Lions 9 7
Minnesota Vikings 9 7
Chicago Bears 6 10

NFC South fan-predicted standings

NFC South Wins Losses
Atlanta Falcons 12 4
Carolina Panthers 8 8
New Orleans Saints 7 9
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7 9

NFC West fan-predicted standings

NFC West Wins Losses
Seattle Seahawks 11 5
Arizona Cardinals 7 9
Los Angeles Rams 5 11
San Francisco 49ers 3 13