NBC Sports is a division of the NBC Network which is owned by NBCUniversal Television Group. The network broadcasts an array of sports along with its national sports cable channels. In addition to popular sports, the network also covers various other sports events like the Ironman Triathlon. After Comcast had acquired NBCUniversal, NBC Sports joined the division known as NBC Sports Group making it possible to cover a broader spectrum of sports events.

Channel Sports Games Streamed Free Trial HD Stream Cable Required iOS App Android App
watch-NBC-Sports-Online-300x300 NFL , the Olympic Games, NHL, the PGA Tour, NASCAR, the IndyCar Series, Triple Crown, Premier League and Notre Dame football Yes, with Hulu/Sling Yes Yes, except w/ Sling, Fubo etc Yes Yes

Watch the NBC Sports Without Cable

Many people don’t want to deal with the hassle of regular cable services. The long-term mandatory commitment that most cable services may demand of clients is what turns the majority off. Fortunately, services like Sling TV and AT&T TV NOW, are a lot more versatile and cheaper. For starters, subscribers to these services can download and install their respective apps for a myriad of devices like iPhones and Android devices which permit streaming on the go. Plus, subscribers have access to over a hundred channels including NBC Sports which makes watching live television easier than ever before.

Sling TV starts at $25 a month with AT&T TV NOW at $50+, with the latter not charging subscribers for streaming bandwidth. Try both services via the buttons below:

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Streaming The NBC Sports app Online

The NBC Sports app has improved a bit over the years, but it’s still stuck with a 3-star average rating. Though most people will not have a problem installing and using it on their iOS and Android devices, don’t be surprised if you do run into trouble. The good news is that subscribers to the network can live stream sports events, watch highlights, and check scores when on the move. The only thing needed is, of course, a subscription and broadband Internet.

Sports Streamed on NBC Sports

NBC Sports live streams a number of sports like NFL matches, the Olympic Games, NHL, the PGA Tour, NASCAR, the IndyCar Series, Triple Crown, Premier League and Notre Dame football, etc.