The Yankees are one of America’s most loved and loathed teams. More often than not, they win their games and are quite electric in the postseason even without Mr. October. Here are several ways to bet on (or against) the Yankees online:

Where to Bet on the Yankees Online

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How Do Most Online Sports Betting Sites Work?

Most online sports bets are placed through a broker like the ones listed above. You add some money to your account and place a bet for the Yankees or some other MLB team to win. There’s a certain split depending on the odds of the game that day. You’re paid based on that and first time users often get a bonus to help them get their bearings.

Should I Bet on The Yankees?

We can’t give you that answer but here are the win percentage numbers for the past five years of Yankees game. As you can see they do often win:

Team Record
(Last 5 Years)
Win Percentage
LA Dodgers 516-385-0 57.30%
St. Louis 495-389-0 56.00%
Washington 486-383-0 55.90%
Cleveland 487-387-0 55.70%
Boston 476-404-0 54.10%
NY Yankees 468-399-0 54.00%
Pittsburgh 461-400-3 53.50%
Chi Cubs 475-414-1 53.40%
Kansas City 467-420-0 52.60%
LA Angels 441-419-0 51.30%
Baltimore 443-421-0 51.30%
Toronto 447-430-0 51.00%
Texas 439-428-0 50.60%
Detroit 432-436-0 49.80%
Seattle 426-430-0 49.80%
NY Mets 431-436-0 49.70%
SF Giants 437-443-0 49.70%
Houston 436-445-1 49.50%
Oakland 423-440-0 49.00%
Tampa Bay 421-440-0 48.90%
Arizona 412-448-0 47.90%
Atlanta 411-447-0 47.90%
Milwaukee 410-446-1 47.90%
Colorado 395-463-0 46.00%
San Diego 386-472-0 45.00%
Miami 383-472-0 44.80%
Minnesota 382-471-0 44.80%
Cincinnati 382-477-0 44.50%
Philadelphia 372-482-0 43.60%
White Sox 370-483-0 43.40%

Think Twice Before Placing a Bet on the Yankees or Any other Game

As with all gambling it’s important to know your limits. Only bet what you can afford to lose and look at it as entertainment as opposed to an investment. Even the Yankees aren’t immune to losing a gimmie once in a while. Watch the Yankees online, stay smart and good luck!