Just because Major League Baseball is America’s Pastime doesn’t mean you can’t drop a c-note on your favorite team to win once in a while. These days you won’t need a shady bookie and a taste for the legally gray. Sports betting online is allowed to be legalized in almost every state now as the supreme court has recently ruled. Here are a few great ways to get started with betting on MLB games online:

Where to Bet on MLB Games Online

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How Do Most Online MLB Betting Sites Work?

Most of these online betting sites allow you to place a bet on an MLB game by signing up, adding some money to your “purse” and clicking a few buttons. For first time baseball betters you’ll get a bit of a bonus with your initial cash too. Check out the latest deals at the above online betting platforms and start betting on MLB games almost immediately.

Which MLB Team Should I Bet on?

We won’t try to give you any specific advice and you should use your own methods of data collection and analysis to make that decision. Here is a very broad look at the last five years of MLB games by team:

Team Record
(Last 5 Years)
Win Percentage
LA Dodgers 516-385-0 57.30%
St. Louis 495-389-0 56.00%
Washington 486-383-0 55.90%
Cleveland 487-387-0 55.70%
Boston 476-404-0 54.10%
NY Yankees 468-399-0 54.00%
Pittsburgh 461-400-3 53.50%
Chi Cubs 475-414-1 53.40%
Kansas City 467-420-0 52.60%
LA Angels 441-419-0 51.30%
Baltimore 443-421-0 51.30%
Toronto 447-430-0 51.00%
Texas 439-428-0 50.60%
Detroit 432-436-0 49.80%
Seattle 426-430-0 49.80%
NY Mets 431-436-0 49.70%
SF Giants 437-443-0 49.70%
Houston 436-445-1 49.50%
Oakland 423-440-0 49.00%
Tampa Bay 421-440-0 48.90%
Arizona 412-448-0 47.90%
Atlanta 411-447-0 47.90%
Milwaukee 410-446-1 47.90%
Colorado 395-463-0 46.00%
San Diego 386-472-0 45.00%
Miami 383-472-0 44.80%
Minnesota 382-471-0 44.80%
Cincinnati 382-477-0 44.50%
Philadelphia 372-482-0 43.60%
White Sox 370-483-0 43.40%

Take Pause Before Betting on Any MLB Game Online

Everyone should know their limit on gambling, whether it’s on MLB games online or otherwise. Only spend what you can afford to lose and take a long break if you experience a big loss. Have the money come out of your “entertainment” budget and think of it that way.

Good luck on your MLB gameday bets! Be sure to watch the games online and enjoy the experience of having something personal riding on the game.