Legality of Playing Daily Fantasy Sports in the State of New York

The world of online fantasy sports is a very young one. New York State and most other governmental institutions have not yet had time to put into place any concrete laws around the subject. But New York is leading the charge and very recently the governor of NY signed into law a bill that would legalize and regulate the vertical.  This is great news for players in New York out there because you’re ready to play now!

Is FanDuel Legal in New York?

Yes, both FanDuel and DraftKings are legal in New York State. Check out their incentives for new and returning players because they’ll help you get going with a bit of cash in your account. It’s free to set up an account so do that now if you’re interested:

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Is DraftKings Legal in New York?

DraftKings is very similar to FanDuel, they even once tried to merge as a company but were blocked legally a few years back. Check out both to see which will work for you in New York state but you can rest assured that daily fantasy sports are legal in New York City and State:

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Are there Any Other Legal Considerations for Daily Fantasy in New York?

Yes, of course. The laws are always changing around something as new as this and we may even see a national law trump (no pun intended) state laws around this. New York state has led the charge though, and we expect online sports betting like this to remain legal in the Empire state for some time.

DISCLAIMER: SportFacts are not lawyers in New York or any other state and you should not use this information as legal advice, because it is not. Consult your own lawyer before playing and stay safe while playing.