Legality of Playing Daily Fantasy Sports in the State of Pennsylvania

Daily fantasy sports like those offered on FanDuel or DraftKings is not legal in every state in the Union. In Pennsylvania specifically fantasy sports are actually legal but the exact regulations are fairly new and will probably change in the next few years. FanDuel and DraftKings have allowed players to sign up and play since they launched several years back but the legality has remained more or less cloudy until recently when the state legislature took up the issue and decided to allow it, with regulation.

Are FanDuel & Online Sports Betting Sites Legal in Pennsylvania?

FanDuel is legal in the state of Pennsylvania and they do offer accounts for anyone living in the state to start playing immediately. Keep your eyes on local news and/or this site to make sure it is still legal in the future but for now you can start your free FanDuel account anytime here:

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Is DraftKings Legal in Pennsylvania?

DraftKings is very similar to FanDuel and legally, their fates in the great state of Pennsylvania are identical. So yes, DraftKings is legal in Pennsylvania and you can start playing for free. They even offer some incentives for first time players so be sure to check those out now:

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Are there Any Other Legal Considerations for Daily Fantasy in Pennsylvania?

Yes! This is such a new legal area that many states are rushing to push through legislation to regulate it, including in Pennsylvania. This means rules will change and we will update this page with the latest, as it occurs. Also note that if you’re traveling between states, this may affect your legal standing when it comes to using FanDuel and DraftKings.

DISCLAIMER: SportFacts are not lawyers in Pennsylvania or any other state and you should not use this information as legal advice, because it is not. Consult your own lawyer before playing and stay safe while playing.